Rename-It! 3.42

Rename-It 3.4 is a file utility to rename files/folders defining renaming rules

Rename-It 3.4 is a file utility to rename files/folders, defining renaming rules for the new names.
Rename-It is very simple an easy to use. Its GUI is very simple and is based on frames on the same window to make easy the process of renaming files/folders. You can select multiple files/folders and according with certain rules their names will change.
Rename-It has a frame to preview files/folders before to change, so you can view exactly the way your file will change. Rename-It allows you to add multiple rules or filters and combine many options to rename your files/folders.
The process to rename files/folders is very simple; first, define your files/folders to rename on the “Files and Folders to rename” frame; second, define rename rules by adding filters in the “File Renaming filters” frame; and third, click on the “Rename files” button to rename the files.
The installation process is very easy to perform and no additional complements or libraries are needed. There is a lack of documentation (help files) due to the simplicity of the software.

Ricardo Zayola
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  • Rename-It is very simple and easy to use; defines renaming rules to applying in filters


  • Rename-It doesn’t have any help files to guide inexpert users
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